Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Well the weekend came and went, we had some nice weather for a change. We had so much rain this last week, the creek in our back yard was all of the way up and over the bridge, so I had to find an alternative way home! We got some more done in the bathroom this weekend!

Look, we have some tile laid! The floor is done and ready for grout. The wall have been painted and the door and window molding up.

This weekend was the bi-annual flea market in Lexington. I made it on Sunday and got a couple of neat things. I don't know why I have recently gotten an addiction to bread boards. I bought 2 a small round one and this large one. I also got this great little chair, it might end up hung in my bathroom, I'll have to get it finished before I decide that! The egg crate I have no idea what I'll do with. The top spins and my cat Sylvie found that out right away as she jumped in and hid. She was too quick for a photo though. Well it was back to work today and back to raining. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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