Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Work Update

Well the weather cooled down enough for me to feel like getting in the garage and building some much needed storage for the bathroom. I really liked how they turned out, the shelf over the toilet holds cleaners and extra toilet paper. The large cupboard is for towels and extra shampoos and such. The room is finally coming together!

I'm figuring out how late in the year it is with this colder weather. I've got to get my rear in gear for my shows this upcoming season! Here is just a photo of some things I'm starting on. I'm not quite sure what they will become, I guess we'll see!


This simple Life said...

My bathroom is a sin and as soon as I can get a moment ( hasn't happened in two yrs) I will work on it. I like yours.

Heather said...

Thanks so much! It was fun to see it take shape, even though it took so long.