Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Can you believe it?? Me again already? I said I would try and do better. I finally got around to finishing some items for eBay. I started these 2 things quite a while ago. This first one I bought the paper mache' egg with this kind of in mind. I don't know about any of you other crafters, but things just don't turn out like they looked in my brain. I just think too fast and I can't really remember what exactly I wanted to do. But I really like how this turned out anyway. I started by making the "grass" out of paper mache' and went from there. I used a fair amount of glitter too. The emblem in the middle is made from crepe paper and embellished with tinsel wire and paper flowers. Anyway, we'll see how it does.

Okay, what can I say about this guy? I didn't plan him out at all. I started covering Styrofoam balls with paper mache' and this is what happened. I've called him Whimsical Wilber. I guess he is my attempt at something whimsical for a change. You know now looking at it I probably should have named it Wilberette, it kind of looks like a girl with that feather neck treatment. All I know is my cats loved the left over feather boa. I had to wrestle that away from them. I guess the new owner can name it what ever they want. I started his auction at a cool $1.

Anyway I guess that is all that I have been up to lately. It snowed this morning, but since it is still March I'll allow it. Tomorrow however it better start acting like Spring...

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