Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flowers, Smiles & More

I'm finally making some headway in my craft room. This is one of the new designs I came up with for this year. This gingerbread is flat and embellished with sweet annie, bay leaves and a cinnamon stick. I have other items started that I'll post photos of later. I need some opinions on them.

I had some time to get into my flower garden the other day. I was a little too fat in the fall to cut down my flowers last year. So I got that done and some weeding. These stones are a little walk way to the hydrant. I had dug up some grape hyacinth a couple years ago and had them in a bag setting on one of these stones. I never got around to planting them and the bag busted open and they planted themselves. I think they did a good job.

Here is a shot of my flower garden. All of the bulbs I planted two years ago are coming up strong. My peonies are also coming up fast.

And of course my tulips... The ones that the bunnies let grow anyway.

Aren't these darling. These are the gifts you receive when you have talented friends.
They are baby towels wrapped up to resemble cupcakes. Her specialty is real cupcakes and cookies. Check out her blog: Sugar & Meringue

I went to a baby shower for my next door neighbor today. A great excuse to get everyone dolled up. Unfortunately, only one was awake at a time, so I didn't get a picture of all three together.





Audrey said...

Oh those babies steal my heart!!
What great outfits. They are too cute.
I like the gingerbread guy and your flowers look lovely.

Heather said...

Thanks Audrey! We are having so much fun with the babies. And they spoil me so with their long afternoon naps!

Brenda said...

I like the gingerbread guys also! And those babies are just the sweetest!!


Sandy said...

They are just too darn cute :)

I really love the gingerbread man! Very different but yet so cute :)