Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Early Halloween

So I'm not going to parade my children around on Halloween. I'm the kind of person who is going to wait until my kids are old enough to understand Halloween before we go trick or treating. It is hard however to pass on all of the costumes! It would be fun to dress them up!

I did get them some Halloween shirts for the upcoming holiday. I have a cute "Mommies Monsters" picture frame that I picked up at Kohls. So we got our Halloween "outfits" on for a picture to put in the frame. Getting everyone together and smiling or even looking at the camera is a battle, so we take what we can get these days!

Rylan is a camera ham. He gets excited and starts posing every time I get the camera out!

Brileigh is certainly Wickedly Cute in her spider shirt!

And Brett was more interested in goofing off during our photo shoot then anything else!


Anonymous said...

Your babies are adorable! They have the sweetest smiles!
Debbie S.


awwwww.look at them...they are sooo

Brenda said...

Those 3 are just soooo cute!! I bet they are so fun!