Saturday, April 16, 2011

Final Easter Push

I finished up some Easter things yesterday. I've only got some punch needle items to finish and then I'm done with Easter for the year. It's exciting to start working on a holiday, but it's also very nice to move on! These 4 items will be listed on Ebay tomorrow night.

I didn't accomplish everything I wanted for this season. I'm struggling with creativity. It used to come so easily and now it seems I have to WORK for it. Kind of takes the fun away doesn't it? I've been cleaning out my craft room and ebaying a lot of items that I've had for years and not used to give myself more room. I ran across my tote of oil paints and some unused canvas. I used to paint with oils all of the time and haven't for years (like 10+). Time to start again, right? As I started on a background for one of the paintings I started feeling creative again. Maybe this is exactly what I needed?

What do YOU do to bring back your creative vibe after loosing it?

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