Thursday, August 22, 2013

Operation Salvage Snowmen

Remember this photo? From my last post... Yes the snowman Brileigh decided to help me paint. Well because I don't like to waste, I decided to see what I could do to save them.
So I started Operation Salvage Snowmen. Let's see how I did. Step 1. Pull any extra pieces off of the snowmen. Scarves, safety pins, tags, etc. 
Step 2.  Strip the snowmen of any stitched parts, ripping the thread right out. Also sand off mica flakes. This ended up being a little hard. I used Fabric ModPodge to glue the flakes on, and that stuff sinks into the fabric. 
Step 3. Use the already prepared pumpkin orange/red paint Brileigh originally used to paint the snowmen completely. (Here is where you all say, well if you left the paint out can you really blame her for getting into it? She's only 3!)
Step 4. Allow the now pumpkins to dry completely. Here you can see the trouble with the ModPodge. Since it soaked into the fabric, it acts like a resist to the paint. 
Step 5. Sand the pieces to distress them. This helps blend the lighter areas in on the smaller pumpkin.
Step 6. Embellish the pumpkins with other fabric, thread, cheesecloth and tags.
I'd like to say that I've learned my lesson and I'll never leave paint sitting out again, but...

Til Next Time

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Lisa in Texas said...

I love how you saved the snowman! lol! I think I see a layout in this too! lol!