Tuesday, June 3, 2014


One of the great things about finally being moved into the new house is that I can plant a vegetable garden again. I had used the last of my canned tomatoes and spaghetti sauce long ago. So perhaps I went a little crazy on the size of my new garden? Nah!
 We had some crazy weather this spring with freezing temps later in the year than normal. Due to that I planted my garden later than I wanted to. Things are starting to pop up though, so that's the good news. I planted a lot of sweet corn, and a row of ornamental, I hope that give a good harvest, I'd like to make some wreathes and garlands for fall.
My cherry tomatoes are looking good, I'm almost out of my dehydrated ones, so I'll be doing more of those this year.
I planted potatoes, you know because I have the room, they went in the ground very late, but they are coming up strong. I may just be harvesting them in November!
Hard to tell, but these tracks are from a deer. I haven't seen one yet, but this one was checking out the garden. Hopefully there is enough alfalfa and grass around they leave my garden alone. The pest I'll most likely have to contend with is the rabbits and jack rabbits. We shall see.
I'll throw in an update or two in the future. I also planted a dozen different types of pumpkins and gourds so those will be a lot of fun this fall.


Anonymous said...

Limits only exist in our minds....over ambitious? Never!! Enjoy your garden. Looks great

Heather Hall said...

Thank you! ;)


Anonymous said...

Excellent read! Seeing such an article is very nostalgic....Setting a goal is the best way to send all fear to the Slaughterhouse!!