Monday, March 30, 2015

Playing with Clay Step by Step

I wanted to share with you the process of working with clay. For me anyway. I had a show this last weekend and I made a couple batches of bunnies to offer.  I took photos along the way of one batch.

The first step is putting together the styro foam insides. I used different sizes of egg shapes for my bunnies. Using a short piece of wooden dowel, I hot glue the head to the body. The dowel helps support it. I indented eye areas in the heads.
Next I cover the foam with creative paperclay. My first coat is a thin one just to get the whole piece covered. You can see in the photo I still need to cover the bottom. I let them dry in the sun before finishing the lower areas on them.
After the first coat of clay is dry I add more to the necks to form them how I want and make their noses. I have no patterns for these every one will look different.
I'll note that each of these steps is at least a day apart to give it time to dry. I am an impatient crafter so clay really pushes me. I try to keep myself busy making other things in between steps so I don't rush the clay! 

Here are all of the bunnies with their first ear. I didn't use anything inside the ears, they are solid clay so they took two days to dry. Each bunny has their ears posed differently.
Now they have both ears and are left to dry for another couple days.
Once the bunnies are completely dry I coat them with gesso. Then a thick coat of Ranger Distress Crackle Paint in Clear Rock Candy.
You need a thick coat on to get an aggressive crackle. Once I've painted the crackle on they are left to dry. Don't rush the crackle with a heat tool, just let time work it.
Once the crackle is dry, I water down some brown paint and brush it on. Then using a paper towel I rub the majority off.
Look at that beautiful aged crackle!
By this time I had less than an hour before I had to leave and set up my show so I didn't get photos of the painting of the nose and eyes. I was scrambling to finish and get them packed. (sorry!) I embellished each one with dyed ribbon and they were nestled into peat pots or tins. I did come home with a couple of these. I have them listed on eBay now, you can click on the photo below to go to my auctions.
I hope you enjoyed my step by step process of working with clay!

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