Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just a Little Panic Attack...

That's what I had recently. Just a little one though. I realized that it is almost June and I haven't even started on making things for the Handmade'ns show yet! I think I was almost done by this time last year! Okay, okay, so I still have 5 months till the show, but still. If I don't start now, well you know how that goes!

I also decided to spruce up my crafting area. I currently reside in a storage room. I kind of feel like Harry Potter in his cupboard under the stairs. There are the exterior brick walls and bare studs. A half torn down ceiling with wires running everywhere. It is by no means going to be fabulous when I'm done, but a vast improvement. A little paint, peg board and shelving are being added. Oh and an 8' table. That was a must! Now I can spread out a little.

The room is 1/2 done and it's already produced results. See something finished for the Handmade'ns show.

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