Saturday, September 6, 2014

What I've been up to

So over Labor Day weekend I headed back to my parent's house with the kiddos. Mom and I went to a "junk" sale while dad watched the kids. And of course I managed to find some good things, no photo though, sorry! My dad raced on Saturday night so the kids got to watch Papa in his race car again. They even got to go on the race track during intermission to high five some racers.
 I had only planned on being gone for one day, but it stretched into two. When I came home I picked my garden over. Time for more canning! This:
Became this:
I also had been planning on building a cabinet for the last couple weeks. I had drawn out the plans, figured dimensions and purchased the boards. I knew exactly where it was going in the house and what was going in it.
Now that the kids have started school I have a few hours a day to myself so I can work on these things and not worry about what the kids are getting in to. I was able to put the cabinet together in one afternoon.
I made the shelves deep because they are going to be holding my antique crocks.
It's coming together quite nice ;)
After I nailed the last piece I puttied the screw holes and let it sit. The next day I was able to sand, paint and stain. After a couple of days of drying in the garage...
It was moved into the house.
Perfect! Now I can get back to my regular crafting. I hope to have some new goodies done in the very near future, so stay tuned!

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