Saturday, October 11, 2014


Ohhhh yes... Apples. My mom says, "Do you want some apples?' I say sure! I'd love to make some apple sauce. The kids LOVE apple sauce. I didn't realize how many apples they planned on picking.... My mom, dad, family, friends. How 4 trees can produce so much.
This is my mom's car when she shows up, after only picking "some" of the apples:
So after I ask my mom to stay and help, because really, it'd take me 2 months without help, we work on making apple sauce. (and an apple pie, and dried apples) 4 crock pots, a pot on the stove and 2 roasting pans going, it took 3 days to go through those apples. (I am soooo sick of apples)
So all said and done I have 54 quarts of apple sauce. And bags of dried apples. Plenty right? Cause I am soooo over apples.
For a while anyway.

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