Monday, October 13, 2014

Reconditioning a Cricut Mat

Well if you've read any of my scrapbooking posts, you know I use my cricut quite a bit. My go to for creating custom titles. Well today I pulled it out to cut a piece for a baby album I am working on. I stuck my paper down on the mat and stuck it in the machine. To my annoyance, the paper did not stick and began moving around while cutting. Oh I knew this day would come, when the mat lost it's "stick". 

A while back I pinned a post on reconditioning your cricut mat. I decided today was the day to give that a try. I have 3 useless mats so what do I have to lose? I also hate buying new mats. They are so incredible sticking it's almost impossible to get your paper off of it for a while.

The post I referenced to is right here. What you need is a magic eraser and Zig two way glue. Which I just happen to have. I actually went through two magic erasers to clean these 3 mats. I scrubbed and scrubbed them removing 99% of the left over paper fuzz. There was a little bit of glitter here and there that was impossible to get off, so it stayed.
After coating the mats with the Zig glue and letting it dry, I gave it a test run.
I tell you what. I doubt I ever have to by another mat. It's pretty tacky but nothing like a new mat, which I believe is the best part.
Go check out Jamie's post on this technique for more in-depth explanation of how to recondition your cricut mat.

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