Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Show is Over!

I haven't done a show on my own for many years. I forgotten what a long day it is. Getting up super early, driving over an hour, setting everything up... It was fun though. I think I actually brought too much stuff, I didn't even get to put everything out!
 As you can see in the photos, I'm pretty packed. I had a lot of compliments on the set up and the fact that everything was handmade. It's sad to me that shows are going more to the mass produced made in China crafts. I take pride in selling handcrafted items.

I brought along a helper for the show. She wasn't clear on what we were doing until we got there. She thought we were going to "craft" all day. Not sell things. It was a very long day for her. Luckily Nana came and took her shopping for a while to break up her day.
On Sunday after I unpacked the car I started putting away the left overs and listing things on eBay. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the kids spent the day outside. Brileigh did however come down to my room to bring me a bouquet she put together outside.
This is my scene yesterday and today, taking photos, listing things on my site and eBay and packaging up orders.
I have a ton of stuff online so head over to my website or eBay to see what's available!

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