Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Ebay Auctions

More spring cleaning! I am in the mood to purge! I'm clearing out more things and I'll be adding them to Ebay Sunday night. I've got 14 tea stained flour sack towels ready for crafting.

I'll also be posting these trees in one lot, they are 18" and 2'. Perfect for crafting with! I'll be starting the trees and towels at .99¢!!

I also made up some "redware" eggs to go in this old red wood bowl I had laying around! I made another set of eggs that will be listed in an old cheese box.

I'll be adding some paper clay creations as well. I've got 2 owls and a dog that will be listed tomorrow night. Make sure you check my other auction as I've got a lot of other things listed, some ending tomorrow night!

Lastly, my kiddo's snuck into my room the other day, I guess they wanted to "out do" the diaper disaster from the other day! Brett is the only one that I caught red handed, but they were all involved. Notice the empty toilet paper roll. Yeah that was a new roll only minutes before...


Brenda said...

Aaawww...they had another fun day didn't they!! So cute!!


Heather said...

I usually have the door to my bedroom closed, but I forgot to shut it when they were napping. They've also figured out how to spray the perfume, so they all smelled very nice when I found them. My mom keeps telling me it's only the beginning!