Monday, March 14, 2011

We're getting so big! The kiddos are becoming a little more independent and they can play together so nice. Can being the key word! We're learning how to share, not that we always want to. I'm really looking forward warmer weather so we can get outside! I'm hoping to have a garden this year too. Anything to help with the grocery bills. These kids are already eating me out of house and home! If I make a hamburger helper meal it feeds them twice, with none for mom. If I make a pizza, I get none as well! The photo below is Brett showing you how much he LOVES pizza. It's number one!

Brileigh loves playing with balls. Her favorite activity is to throw them through the baby gate into the kitchen. Of course once they hit the hard wood floor the cat takes off with them, and that's a lot of fun to watch too! You can see Brileigh's "fang" in this picture. Her other tooth is finally coming in. Thank goodness for that, she looks like a hillbilly with that big ole front tooth!

Another fun activity for everyone is looking at books. We participated in a book exchange and got a lot of great new books. They do destroy a fair share of them, but they also take time to look at them nicely too.

Lastly I got a couple of new things done this week. I've been working on a new "chocolate" bunny and here he is! I'll be adding this guy to ebay and my website soon.
And even though Spring just started, I've already got fall ideas running through my head. I couldn't resist not making this guy after I sketched him out!

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