Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Time of Year

The weather has quickly turned to winter. On one of our nice days, I managed to plant some spring bulbs. LOTS of bulbs. I was so sick of digging holes! When spring comes I'll forget about that though, when they all start popping up.

This was the scene the other day at the car lot. I am ready for some snow, but I really am not looking forward to having to clean snow around all of those cars. Luckily so far any snow has quickly melted. I know that's not going to last though.

What have I been up to?

I've decided that I need a craft room. I had a bedroom that was empty so here we go! After the bathroom remodel took so long, I am determined to get this room done quickly.

First off I painted the ceiling. Who ever thought glittery ceilings were cool? When I got done my husband said nice, how many more rooms to go? Right... The picture of my hand above shows how splattered I got, I can't image painting the ceilings in rooms with furniture and carpet. It is so much nicer though with a clean white look. I've always wanted white trim too, that took some time, three coats later. See who's peeking around the door. He would really rather I pay attention to him than paint.

These bottom two pictures are the finished result, yes I said finished! You can't tell from the pictures too well, but the walls before were a light green and now are a khaki color. I am going to get new fabric for the french door curtains. They lead into the closet. Wouldn't a tan and white ticking look nice? Okay so maybe I shouldn't have said finished. My carpet should be laid next week, then I can start moving things in!

I'm taking part in a Home Tour this Christmas, so it will be nice to have this room ready to go for that! Once I get everything decorated, I'll post pictures!