Monday, August 30, 2010

Snowmen & Parades

I was able to get a get a couple more things done yesterday! When I started this guy I was planning on having him hold a big candy cane. But when I had his bibs on, I didn't want to cover them up. So I added a pocket to them and filled it with goodies! This guy has a wire hanger on the back for hanging up.

This big guy started with an enamel bowl. I'm using what I have like last year. I probably had that bowl for 8 years! You can't see it in the picture but it is the bottom of this snowman light. I wired a grapevine to the rim of the bowl, then I wrapped the wreath with lights and added the greenery and berries. I filled the bowl with moss and sat the snowman in the middle. This guy does get a candy cane to hold. I also added mica flakes to the wreath and candy cane for a nice winter glitter.

This weekend was our town's "days". So the babies got their first taste of a parade. Over all I think they really enjoyed it. All of the big vehicles were a hit. The first siren that went off scared Brett, and the bottom lip came out. But he got over it pretty quick.

Rylan just made me laugh, he was sitting so content in the stroller, hands crossed and all.

Brett was in chill mode, once he got over the siren noises. He lost his frogger blanket somewhere between the parade and the park, but luckily there was a good samaritan who found it!

Don't they look soo excited!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crafting Progress!

We've finally had some good weather. It has actually been beautiful lately! Mid 80's! The babies and I have gotten outside some to enjoy it. They are growing so fast. Today they are 9 months old! Brett is the only one with teeth, he has two. It has proven impossible to get a picture yet. They don't shy away from the camera though. They love to ham it up!

Here is my goofy boy Rylan!

And look at this ham! She loves the camera!

Okay so Brett didn't feel like hamming it up for the camera today. He has always been the serious one.

I just had to share this photo. Brileigh was so upset with Brett. He wouldn't hold his foot still so she could chew on it!

Okay so my title hinted towards a crafty post. I have managed to get some things done lately! I'd been punching this picture for quite some time. I finally got it done, and the rest came together quickly.

I also finished 2 of these primitive angels. They have been dusted with a shimmering glimmer mist, for a great look. I'm saving these items for my Handmade'ns show as that is coming up fast! I've got more things finished hopefully I have more pictures for you soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The summer is flying by so fast! They babies have really been keeping me busy. They boys are starting to crawl! YIKES! Brileigh is more interested in rolling around to get where she wants to go. The new carpet has been installed and my painting project is done. I don't have pictures as I haven't finished moving things in yet. Now that the babies are more mobile, I need to decide what I'm all going to put back out. I've had some time to work on crafty projects, but not a lot of time. The babies still take a good 3 hour nap in the afternoon, but there are always soo many things to get done! I've got a couple of pictures of what we've been up to lately.

Rylan is soo goofy. He always has a smile on his face. It doesn't take much to get him laughing.

My daughter aka long arms, got a hold of her dinner while I was warming her bottle. Notice the old cream carpet, we are more careful on the new carpet. She was so proud of herself.

Here is Miss Brileigh again sporting her first ever ponytail. She sat so still for me while I did her hair!

And last, my big boy Brett. My dad is a late model race car driver, and I think Brett my be following in his footsteps! He loves driving his car.

That's all I have today, it's about time for the babies to wake up from their nap, so I better get my chores done!