Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Update

Okay who's as big as a house? ME! And I'm only 27 weeks! What am I going to look like in the end? Maybe I should start working on the the nursery, while I can still stand. I made a trip to Walmart and Target yesterday and bought everything in bulk so hopefully I don't have to go back. I had a couple of other stops but I couldn't make them. I started have braxton hicks in Target so I checked out and went home. On a bright side, I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done! I have the women, nieces and nephews done, just the guys to do. Any suggestions? They are always the hardest. I figured I had better get going on this. If I make my goal of 36 weeks, that's January, I'm not going to be able to do any shopping in Dec! And if the babies come sooner, I wont have much time to do anything! My last check up went great, he has put no restrictions on me yet. I keep thinking one of these times he's going to say, alright, time to slow down, but he never does. I guess I'm doing a good job of knowing when to stop myself and rest. There was a time I didn't know if I would make my baby shower this Saturday, but now I'm pretty confident I'll be there. So that's exciting! And next Saturday is the Handmaden's show, I might even make it to that! Speaking of that, I got a couple more things done. Check them out below...

I only got six of these ornaments done, but I plan on making more for my website in the future. I really like how they turned out. I had covered some styrofoam balls with paper mache last year and never got around to using them for anything, so they worked great for these!

I had one more old door panel waiting to be painted so I finally got around to that. I like the old dirty distressed look. I painted this Saturday as I watched the Huskers play a pathetic football game. I guess that was a good thing, since they were playing so bad, I was able to concentrate on painting!

Well that pretty much covers what I've got to say today. Hopefully the next post I'll have nursery pictures to show off. It would be nice to get the crib boxes out of the garage!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boy Boy Girl!

Well winter has come rather quickly in the Midwest! We had over a 1/2 foot of snow on Saturday! I didn't leave the house all day! Now today it is raining, and with temps in the 30's it wont be long before it gets nasty. The forecast calls for slightly warmer days in the future however. I can't help but notice how screwed up our seasons are getting! But hey cold weather calls for crafting right?? Since I didn't leave the house on Sat. and Sun I was gone only as long as the church service, I had plenty of time to craft! I have met my quota for the Handmadens craft show, which is always a relief, now I can work on extra things!

I made quite a few lights this year. Here is one example. I have multiple lights per room in my house. I love the soft glow they add to corners and cupboards at night. They are pretty simple to do. Find a container and start filling with goodies! This one has tons of greenery, candy canes and glittery ornaments. I topped it off with one of my homemade glittery white bulbs.

Now, while I stayed home all weekend, I didn't feel like getting out of bed much, so I found the perfect thing to do in bed! Penny Rugs! I started making the oval runner on Saturday and finished it yesterday. On Sunday I put together these pillows and stained and baked them. Then yesterday and today I sewed the pennies on. They are nice little projects that go rather quickly. I might just have to make more!

Okay now I know the title to this post is Boy Boy Girl, and I haven't even touched on that yet! Well at my appointment on Friday, the doctor finally confirmed that the last baby was a girl! We are both soo happy. We wanted a mix and God willing the doctors are right, we got it! Things are still going great inside. The outside, well, I am really starting to wear down. It doesn't take much for me to get exhausted. Luckily I have plenty of opportunities in a day to rest and I take full advantage of that! In a couple more months I will be getting NO rest! I'm starting to think my goal of having these babies in January isn't going to happen though. I guess as long as they are ready and healthy when they come is when they come. I just ask for prayers that the rest of the way goes as smoothly as the past!