Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're One!

Can you believe it's been over a year! Our official birthday was Nov. 24. We had our party this last Sunday the 28th. I spent Saturday making cakes. 6 Cakes, and cupcakes. It was my first time working with fondant. We had 20 some adults and 8 kids so it was a house full!

Here is Brileigh enjoying her cake. She especially like the frosting. Raking her hands over the cake and sucking the frosting off of her fingers.

Of course Brett made a huge mess. He also enjoyed the frosting and towards the end started beating his cake with his fist.

Rylan wasn't too excited about waking up from his nap for cake. He was a little out of it, but did enjoy the cake a little.

The kids got a lot of presents, clothes and toys. They've had a lot of fun the last few days figuring out how all of the new things work. It seems that everything they got makes noise! After the long day, it's hard to say who slept harder, me or the kids.

Friday, November 5, 2010

What the Kiddo's have been up to

Okay here it is November in Nebraska and we are playing outside! It lasted as long as they could keep the leaves out of their mouths, not long.

Rylan has always been a rocker. He loves laying on daddies chest in the rocking chair and he constantly rocks when sitting up. So I got out my old rocking chair and he LOVES it! He gets a little crazy in it sometimes so he has to be super supervised when he is in it.

Our tunnel is getting a lot of use these days as well. It is rarely upright as they love to crawl in all directions with it!

And yes my daughter has PIGTAILS! Barely visible, but they are there. I don't think I want to cut bangs for her and her long hair is getting in her eyes so this works and is too cute!

Handmade'ns Ready or Not!

It's hard to believe the show is Sunday! And we are setting up tomorrow morning! Yikes!! I keep starting things like I've got all of the time in the world. What am I thinking? I guess if it gets done it's going to the show and if it doesn't it's not right? My trees finally dried so I could paint and finish them. I used paper mache' to build them up before adding the paper clay, that's what was taking so long. Save on $$ not on time. Here is one, my snowman decorating his tree...

And here is Santa with his Christmas tree...

And the items I started yesterday. They should be dry enough by nap time today that I can get down to the craft room and get them painted. I hope! I also need to figure out if they are going to be on something or freestanding. Hmmm

Oh and I got this pillow done yesterday as well. Thanks so much Notforgotten Farm for the pattern!

Saturday night we have a preview of our show for family. My mom and aunt are coming and my mom had a GREAT idea! She offered to take the babies home with her! That helps me soo much! Now Sunday morning I'll only have to get myself ready for the show! A huge THANK YOU to her!

I'll post pictures of the show next week! If anyone is within driving distance of Kearney, Nebraska come see us at the Ramada Inn right off the interstate noon to 4!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Wonderful Hubby

Yesterday was a good day. A little chilly, but it was the last day of October. At least the rain held off. As I prepared the kids for church, my husband got ready to go to an auction. An elderly lady, a friend of the family, is moving closer to her kids and she decided to part with a life time of belongings. No doubt Ester came from a hard working family as in her upper 80's she was still living alone, mowing her own lawn every week. It couldn't have been easy for her to watch everything get sold yesterday. After church I stopped by the auction but couldn't stay with the kids because the wind had a little bite to it. I was able to look around at a few things and tell my husband, that would be nice to have, never thinking he would actually bring me something home. Jeremy isn't the gift giving type, it's not unusual for me to get nothing on my birthday, Christmas or anniversaries. So imagine my surprise as he carried in one of the things I had spied! This wonderful wooden butter churn. I've always wanted one and it is so much better, I think, to have one that belonged to someone you know.

Going back to Ester's hard working upbringing, how much butter do you think had to be churned to wear down the handle like this? Ester had told Jeremy the churn belonged to her mother, who brought it to the Midwest from the East Coast.

And lastly, here is a pic of the kiddo's yesterday before church. They are getting so big and we are now in their birthday month! I've been planning and making the decorations in preparation for the bid day!

New Things!

With my show coming up fast, (this weekend) it's a scramble to get things done. Since I've started working with paper clay that seems to be the only medium I want to work in. My sewing machine has sat idly by. Unlike sewing, paper clay takes patience with the drying times between steps. That drives me nuts! When I am working on something I hate having to wait to finish it. Take these two characters, they've been waiting patiently for days for their trees to be finished. The trees should hopefully be dry today for painting...

Here is a finished piece, my twinkle snowman.

Another view of my twinkle snowman. I used my cricut to cut out the letters on the box.

I also finished my second owl. I didn't look at my first one when I was making it because I wanted them to be different. I did use the same color scheme but that's about it. I think they both turned out neat.

I've got some more things started for the show, we'll see if they get done!