Monday, March 29, 2010

Ahh Spring

Hmmm, I've tried to load more photos but it's not working out for me. I guess we'll have to make due with one. The babies are a little over 4 months old! Can you believe it? We go to the doctor on the 5th, I can't wait to find out their weights!! Brett & Brileigh were posing for the camera, but Rylan thought something else was way more important to look at. They have been doing amazing, and now that the weather is warming up we get outside for walks. They love to sit outside and check everything out! That's a good thing, we'll be spending a lot of time out there! There is an Easter Egg hunt planned in the park by our house on Saturday. Of course the weather is in the 70's all week, until Saturday... So we'll just have to see what it's doing before we decide to go.

I've been trying to get some crafting done in my "spare" time. Mostly I've been working on a scrapbook for my brother. He is graduating from High School in May. After watching commercials for the cricut in the middle of the night while I was pregnant and couldn't sleep, I took the plunge and bought one on ebay. Brand new, half the price of Walmart. So it's been fun playing with that! So much easier for the novice scrapbooker like me!

Another thing that took up some time, the Twilight books! I hadn't seen the movies since I like to read the books first. I'm an avid book reader, but I put off reading those books because I knew when I picked them up, I'd ignore everything else! I bought all 4 and had them done in 6 days. I'm a speed reader, so after the kiddo's went to bed at 10 I would read for 2 - 3 hours! I'm glad I'm done, I was missing that sleep!!

Well it sounds like someone is up from a nap. I hope everyone is enjoying Spring so far like us!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spitten Image

So everyone always looks at your children and tries to figure out who they look like. I could see myself in Brileigh but until I pulled out an old photo of myself, I didn't realize how much she looks like me. I was a little older when my photo was taken, so it will be fun to see how she changes with age.

Everything else is going great in the Hall household. The babies are spending more time awake during the day, so I have less time for the computer. They are starting to be a little more active also so that's a lot of fun. We actually got out for a couple of walks before the rainy weather showed up. Hopefully the rain clouds go away soon because we all enjoy getting out!