Saturday, December 10, 2011

Storage & Organization

Hmmm, so I love to organize and have everything in it's place. But I'm having issues with my paper/mixed media/scraping supplies. First problem, I have too much! There is so much out there and it's easy to think that you need it all! I bought one of these storage carts at sam's club and it is awesome. The drawers are big enough to hold 12x12 paper. I have a drawer for each child, so I can throw their photos into their drawer along with anything else that is special to them and then when I have time to scrap I can pull out their drawer and there it is.

So that is all good, but then their are chip pieces, brads, ribbons, rub-on's, stamps, stickers and tons of other embellishments. Not to mention the tools, embossing folders, sprays, paints, dies, just to name a few...
So you can probably see in the photo, I have more than one cart now. There are three... You can also see in the drawers that they are all FULL. So getting back to problem #1, having too much stuff. Now in my defense, I sell a lot of these things on my website. So having tons of paper takes up space. The cart on the left is full of paper for sale. 

Problem #2, remembering what I have? Have you ever peaked into Tim Holtz's studio? How on earth does that man remember what he has? I'll be digging around for something and find something else I forgot I had that would have been so cool on a project I finished yesterday! Tim says he keep everything in open storage so he sees it all. With all of that eye candy around you, it would take great focus to get anything done!

So, getting back to the task on hand, getting things organized in a helpful manner. Do you group your supplies by type. All of the paper here, tools over there and embellishments over there? Or do you keep things organized by season. Christmas supplies all in this drawer, Halloween in another and so on. Or do you put together and organize your supplies by future projects?

If you have pictures of your studio/craft rooms I'd love to see them! I'll take some more of my room to show you too.