Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just a Little Panic Attack...

That's what I had recently. Just a little one though. I realized that it is almost June and I haven't even started on making things for the Handmade'ns show yet! I think I was almost done by this time last year! Okay, okay, so I still have 5 months till the show, but still. If I don't start now, well you know how that goes!

I also decided to spruce up my crafting area. I currently reside in a storage room. I kind of feel like Harry Potter in his cupboard under the stairs. There are the exterior brick walls and bare studs. A half torn down ceiling with wires running everywhere. It is by no means going to be fabulous when I'm done, but a vast improvement. A little paint, peg board and shelving are being added. Oh and an 8' table. That was a must! Now I can spread out a little.

The room is 1/2 done and it's already produced results. See something finished for the Handmade'ns show.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Blog

So I've finally decided to split my life in half. Blog wise anyway. When I started my blog it was way before I knew that my life would change dramatically. In a good way mind you. I started blogging about my passion of crafting and decorating. My new blog is going to be devoted to my triplets. Right There, 1 2 3 I know how fast time flies. You probably do too.

Tempest Fugit

I also know you tend to forget things over time. I've always told people when their kids do something cute or say something adorable, write that down, you forget it someday. I haven't been taking my own advise though and that is something I want to work on. That is one of the missions of this blog. I intend to write almost everyday on the goings on of our daily life, the big stuff, the not so big stuff. A journal if you will. That way when I do sit down to fill out their baby books, I'll have a reference to when something happened.

I invite you to join my journey of life with triplets! Never fear if you enjoy this blog, it's not going anywhere. I'm going to continue this blog as well, documenting my crafting journey.

Brileigh, the cutie pie!

Brett, the ornery one!

The rocken duo

Rylan, the goof ball!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Americana + Sale!

I've had some time to work on some new Americana things! This primitive Uncle Sam hat makes a perfect shelf sitter.

This painted star has a string hanger on back for easy hanging.

Another peg shelf hanger, these bags are filled with twigs and Sweet Annie.

And last I came up with this Uncle Sam Ornament today. This guy is the prototype, I might tweak him just a little.

And last, I mentioned something about a sale in the title... Head on over to my WEBSITE and enjoy 25% off your total purchase! (there is also an EXTRA 25% off sale items!)

Growing Up!

That's what we've been doing lately. A lot of growing up! I mean, they are growing faster than the weeds in my garden! They are very independent, wanting to do things on their own, but there are days they get very frustrated when things don't go their way.

They love their bouncy turtle I got them. We've only had a couple of situations where two think they need to be on it at the same time.

Kind of like this picture. Rylan was content rocking in the chair until Brett decided he wanted to rock as well. Unless I step in, they fight for quite a while since no one wants to give in to the other.

A couple of weekends ago we headed back to my parents house. Saturday night we went to watch my dad at the races. The boys REALLY enjoyed it. Brett especially loved to watch the cars go round and round waving his arms madly as they went by. You can tell from the picture, we were in a sky box, there is no way I would have taken them if we had to sit outside. Way too loud and dirty!

We've actually had some warm weather this year. Finally. We had just got back from running a quick errand on Mother's day and when I took them out of the car, I let them roam on the grass while I set up a sprinkler. Once the water started going, the little explorers wanted to know what that was all about. Brileigh was not impressed at all. She really hated the fact that she was barefoot on the grass. (We've since fixed that problem with Old Navy flip flops!) Brett thought the sprinkler was okay, but preferred mom's new landscape of rocks. Rylan on the other hand charged into the water and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Come on Summer!

And check out Miss Brileigh! Sporting the pigtails! Her hair grows soo fast! She loves to get her hair done in the morning. She sits in the bathroom so nice. Every once in a while mom lets her play with a make up brush. She pretends to pat it in powder and they wipes it around on her face. She is ALL GIRL!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Winter Procrastination = Spring Birds

So when I put away my winter/Christmas decor, I forgot one thing. This window wreath hangs by my front door.

I rarely use my front door, but when I do I would see this and think, I really need to put that away and hang something Springy out there! Well now I can't take it down. I noticed some little birdies hanging out by the front door the other day and went to inspect. We're having babies! Birdy babies anyway.

Awe, Spring Time!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Go Fly A Kite

So recently I've been struggling with creativity. I used to sit at my craft table and just throw things together so easily. Every piece I made was different. Now it seems I'm making the same things over and over. In an older post I mentioned that I got my oils out to try and pry my creative side back out and I think it's working. If I've got a fault in crafting, it is that I'm impatient. I want to start something and finish it right away. That doesn't work with oils. My painting is coming along, but it's taking a long time. I had started it with the thought that it was going to be a mixed media piece, and it will be once I'm done. But barely. Right now I'm only planning on adding some typed text.

I decided this mixed media thing was just what the doctor ordered. I recently stumbled upon an AWESOME website. I watched some of the videos on their blog and was instantly inspired. I ordered different supplies, but didn't want to wait for them to come in. So I put the kids down for their nap and headed down to the craft room. This is what I came up with:

Please critique! I'm such a "neat freak" it was fun to break out of the mold and just throw paint around. I started the piece by putting down a layer of old map pages. Then I painted the background. Next came the stamping, and paper decopauge. Last the pen scribbling and a little bit of glitter.

Let me know what you think, I've already got some other ideas sketched out!