Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whew, Made it

Another Handmade'ns show over! And I made it through the whole thing. Not that I did much, but someone has to hold the chairs down don't they? We sold a lot of stuff, almost all out! Now I need to start working on next years items if I have any hope of making enough for the show. Ha! We'll just have to see how the year goes... These photos are just a couple of the ones I took before the show started. We do have pretty lights on all of the tables and trees, but I wasn't about to go crawling around to plug them all in for these photos, sorry.

For the most part the babies behaved themselves through the show. After the set up on Saturday, my little girl decided she didn't want to cuddle with her brothers anymore! She had been laying lengthwise like the boys and on top. She moved to stand up on my right side, her head up in my ribcage. That was not comfortable for me at all! Sometime during the night she finally moved, I'm not quite sure where. I guess I'll find out at my next appointment. They got measured at my last appointment, week 28, and the girl and 1 boy are 2 pounds 7 ounces, the other boy is a little smaller. He wasn't cooperating with the doctor so measuring him accurately was impossible. So the good news is they are all on track for their "age". I'm just glad to get past 28 weeks, now the next goal is 32! December can't come fast enough!

Now a nursery update, we have decided to change rooms! The room I was going to put them in sits in the corner of our house and gets a little cold. I was planning on putting up window treatments, but my husband won out and we are moving them to another bedroom. Of course I don't like the decor in there for babies so I got some paint out and he freaked! I then placed a call to a local gal who paints and she is coming later this week! After that's all done we'll start putting things together. Nothing like waiting til the last minute!


Audrey said...

I am so glad the show went so well. The pictures are great. wish I lived close enough to attend.
Week 28...WOO HOO!!!! 2.7 YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!! I loved being pregnant feeling my baby move inside but I just can't imagine how 3 could feel. How amazing.
Keep up the good work wonderful momma.

Raggedy Angel said...

The show looks great!
So glad you and your little chicks are doing good....lets get to 32 at least! Beth

Heather said...

Thanks girls! Another pregnant triplet gal I know a week & 1/2 ahead of me just went in on Sun. cause the babies wanted out, so she's stuck in the hospital on drugs to stop it. That is enough to scare me into slowing WAY down. I guess since my body measures over due it's going to start wanting to do the natural thing here pretty soon! Good thing I've got Christmas shopping done!