Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where in the world is....

ME! Where have I been? Busy, that's where!

Last weekend I was the Artist in Residence at the Hallmark store in York. I sell these wonderful paper cone wreaths there. I was demonstrating making them and had kits available. I also have kits for sale here:

After I left my "gig" I headed to the races to watch my dad. My mom already had the kids there. Brett especially loves watching the cars go round and round! Nose pressed to the glass watching!

 At the races, my other son had a temperature and as the day went on it refused to go completely away. By 11 that night it was 102° and refusing to budge so off to the hospital we went. When I was pulling in to the er, Rylan threw up all over himself in his seat, then was completely fine. Temp gone. Seriously? We stood outside the hospital doors for 5 minutes debating whether or not to go in. In the end we did, just a virus they said. He slept well the rest of the night but woke up with that darn 102°. After some tylenol it went away and he has been fine since. I just have one question. Why is it my children get sick only on weekends, when I'm away from home, in the middle of the night?

Anyway, that was my weekend. Now what have I been doing all week? Well, my children decided they did not like the wallpaper in the dining room and began ripping it off. Now I'll be honest, after almost 10 years, I was tired of it, but I really didn't want the work involved in changing it. Not only did I have to strip off the old wallpaper, but due to the shape of the walls when we bought the house I had to sheet rock dope the walls smooth before I could paint them. That's why I wallpapered in the first place. I couldn't do that again since the kids would just pick at it again. Anyway after working on it during nap times all week, it is finally finished!

While the paint brushes were out I tackled a project that has been needed done. My husbands family found this computer desk at a garage sale last fall. They altered it into a kitchen for Brileigh. So I've started finishing it. I just need to do all of the detail painting on it, stove, microwave, other stuff. I'll have a post about it with before and afters when I'm done.

And the last thing I painted this week, was eggs. I hope you all have a blessed Easter, and I hope to get back in the craft room this week!

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