Saturday, July 5, 2014

Garden Update

So I spent some time in the garden today, pulling a few (cough cough, few million) weeds. There is only ohhhh billion to go.... But hey, as long as I'm progressing, I'm making progress, right? I took a time out to snap a couple pictures of what's been coming up. My potatoes and onions are looking awesome. The rain we get almost nightly has helped greatly in my watering duties.
Although my pepper plants still look kinda shrimpy, they have some wonderful peppers started on them. My habanero plants look absolutely dreadful but they are hanging in there. If I manage to get one or two peppers out of them that should be plenty to warm up some salsa!
My green pepper plant has some started and I'm looking forward to some stuffed peppers in the future!
On to my tomato plants, there are some wonderful green orbs staring on this plant!
And look at this cluster of Roma's. These pretty babies will be canned before to long!
Even my cherry tomato plants have some great things started. I've pulled my dehydrator out and it's ready to go to work!
Lastly here is some of my radish harvest. Radishes grow so fast, you can get at least three harvests a summer if you want. BUT.... What do you do with them? Yes they are great in salads, certain recipes, but really radishes have a short shelf life. A couple of years ago I tried pickling them. They were absolutely horrid, and they only last a couple of months anyway. What do you do with your radishes? I'm searching the web for some ideas that I may try, but any ideas would be welcome. I hate throwing out what I worked hard to produce!
Throw your ideas/recipes at me and I'll give them a whirl!


Katie said...

Last year we had a TON of habeneros. We dehydrated them for a few days & ground them up & we use that as seasoning for things like chili. Make sure you put the dehydrator out in the garage though. It only takes a tiny bit to get the chili pretty hot.

Heather Hall said...

I never though of dehydrating them for powder, that is a good idea. I hope they pull through so I can try it!