Friday, September 17, 2010

Cat & Dog Figures

Alright, so I've got my cat and dog made and painted. What do you think? I had a lot of fun making them and I'm excited to start some more creatures! I don't know if I'm done with these guys or not though. When I sketched them out, I had drawn cloth pants on them. So do I still want to put pants on them? And do I want them to hold anything? I had made a fish and bone for them to hold, but I'm not liking how the fish turned out. The dog needs to hold something because his one arm is curved wrong and doesn't lay nice. Since these are for a winter show, maybe I'll tie a bow around the bone and have him hold it? I've got a little wreath I made that the cat can hold. Also I think I need to come up with a collar for them. What do you think??

P. S. I'm loving how their saddle shoes turned out!

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