Monday, November 1, 2010

My Wonderful Hubby

Yesterday was a good day. A little chilly, but it was the last day of October. At least the rain held off. As I prepared the kids for church, my husband got ready to go to an auction. An elderly lady, a friend of the family, is moving closer to her kids and she decided to part with a life time of belongings. No doubt Ester came from a hard working family as in her upper 80's she was still living alone, mowing her own lawn every week. It couldn't have been easy for her to watch everything get sold yesterday. After church I stopped by the auction but couldn't stay with the kids because the wind had a little bite to it. I was able to look around at a few things and tell my husband, that would be nice to have, never thinking he would actually bring me something home. Jeremy isn't the gift giving type, it's not unusual for me to get nothing on my birthday, Christmas or anniversaries. So imagine my surprise as he carried in one of the things I had spied! This wonderful wooden butter churn. I've always wanted one and it is so much better, I think, to have one that belonged to someone you know.

Going back to Ester's hard working upbringing, how much butter do you think had to be churned to wear down the handle like this? Ester had told Jeremy the churn belonged to her mother, who brought it to the Midwest from the East Coast.

And lastly, here is a pic of the kiddo's yesterday before church. They are getting so big and we are now in their birthday month! I've been planning and making the decorations in preparation for the bid day!


Brenda said...

Great looking butter churn! Nice of your hubby to bring that home for you. Those babies are getting cuter by the post!!


Audrey said...

What a wonderful butter churn. I am sure it was hard for your friend to sell of her things. I am glad it is yours where you will treasure it.
Love those wonderful babies!! Where did the year go??????