Monday, November 1, 2010

New Things!

With my show coming up fast, (this weekend) it's a scramble to get things done. Since I've started working with paper clay that seems to be the only medium I want to work in. My sewing machine has sat idly by. Unlike sewing, paper clay takes patience with the drying times between steps. That drives me nuts! When I am working on something I hate having to wait to finish it. Take these two characters, they've been waiting patiently for days for their trees to be finished. The trees should hopefully be dry today for painting...

Here is a finished piece, my twinkle snowman.

Another view of my twinkle snowman. I used my cricut to cut out the letters on the box.

I also finished my second owl. I didn't look at my first one when I was making it because I wanted them to be different. I did use the same color scheme but that's about it. I think they both turned out neat.

I've got some more things started for the show, we'll see if they get done!

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