Friday, January 14, 2011

Spring Time? Please!

Last year when I brought the babies home on Jan. 4 I knew that I wouldn't be leaving the house for a long time. 4 pound babies and winter don't mix. I was dead tired from being up every 3 hours so I didn't really feel like leaving the house anyway. This winter is a little different though. The latest snow storm kept me in the house for 10 days. I was ready to go insane! I finally busted out today since the temperature went above 30°. I got some good shopping time in today and feel revamped! But I'm still wishing for Spring.

I drew up a new idea and got started on it the other day, Spring Birds! (could you tell I was coped up too long!)

Here they are after the first coat of paper clay!

This is a little project I just finished for me. I thought it would be fun when the kids were older to make each other cards and put them in the mailbox to open on Valentines Day.

Another little pet project I've been working on are these letters for the kids room. I bought the paper mache letters and painted them. Then I glued paper on the the front and glittered the edges. I'll post photos when I'm done with them.

And last, we took a couple moments out to strike a cute pose!


Brenda said...

Those kiddo's are just so darn cute!! I never tire of seeing pictures of them.


Heather said...

Thanks Brenda, they are certainly photogenic little buggers!