Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Merry Easter Time!

Yesterday, we just happened to be in Lincoln, and we just happened to be in the mall (me shopping, go figure!) and we just happened to run into the Easter Bunny!

Despite their deer in the head light looks they are giving in the picture, they absolutely loved him! There weren't a lot of people around so they got to play with him for a little while after the photo was taken. Poor Rylan got the short end of the stick as the Easter bunny's lap wasn't big enough for 3 babies.

April has been true to it's form and been pretty wet. It's really raining on our playing outside time. We do have fun inside, but are really looking forward to some sunshine!





Brenda said...

They are so cute! They are also getting so big!! Is it ever gonna warm up around our area?? LOL! Have a great Easter!


Margaret said...

SO cute! My children are 12 and 6. Love Eater Bunny! Happy SPring!