Saturday, July 30, 2011

Green beans anyone?

So I've actually kept my garden up this year, and have started to reap the benefits. My peas didn't do so good, but the green beans have more than made up. We have been eating fresh green beans for weeks now. Luckily the kids LOVE them! It was time to pick them all though. I've never canned green beans, actually the only thing I have canned is tomatoes. Once.

So I researched quickly on the internet. Realizing I need a pressure cooker, I ran to Wal-mart. Why is everyone afraid of pressure cookers? Seriously, people online mention them exploding, even checking out the guy behind me in line told me I must be daring.

I decided that since I'd never heard of someone dieing by pressure cooker they must be semi safe to operate. Even by a novice such as myself. And after spending the entire day in the kitchen I ended up with canned and pickled green beans to enjoy in the future.

Very worth it!


Tiff said...

Isn't it great growing your own food?! This is my first year for canning(just doing it the old way) and I have been making zucchini and squash relishes(very yummy). We have had a ton of green beans too, I just blanch mine and then freeze them. Maybe I will give canning them a try.
Enjoy your harvest :)

Heather said...

Yes Tiff, it is very rewarding! When I bring a bucket of veggies in from the garden it makes me want to plant more!