Thursday, July 14, 2011

I need a Vacation! I think...

Actually, I just don't know. Where in the world are the days going to? They are flying by so fast. If I think about it I get overwhelmed. Maybe if I took a vacation when I got home I'd be refreshed and able to collect myself? Or maybe I would feel even farther behind. Behind in what? I don't even have an answer for that! I feel like a hamster on it's wheel going, going, going. And I don't seem to accomplish a thing. What's up with that? I feel like I need a giant to do list to keep me inline. I suppose this all has to do with the new thing I'm working on. I've been developing a new line to launch under my business. The Olde Scrapbox. I am going to offer handmade supplies & embellishments for crafting, scrapbooking, etc. I'll be putting project kits together for sale and I've also ordered supplies from some great companies that I'll be offering on my site. I've got quite a few things drawn up and only a couple finished right now. I'm adding them to the site as I get them done. Here are just a couple examples:

These fan embellishments are great for adding to scrapbook pages, banners, party hats... They will come in different colors and fonts.

I will also have packages of premade journaling tags. This set features black ink on kraft card stock. I also have a bright colored set available and others in the mix.

I do enjoy what I'm doing, but right now my mind is working way faster that my body can process, so hence the overwhelming feeling. I need to tell myself, you don't really have a deadline, take your time!

I'd enjoy any feedback! Let me know what you think of the new line. I realize there isn't a lot on my site yet. It's coming along slowly but surely!

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