Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scrapbook Progress

I've had some time lately to devote to catching up on my scrap booking. I've always had a hard time remembering what photos I have printed out, what pages I want to do and what products I've bought to do them. I like being organized and felt that when it came to scrapping, I was most certainly not organized. So I purchased some wonderful products from the Cropper Hopper to help me on my way. One item was this black file holder. It's made to hold 12 x 12 items. Then I purchased the plastic page sleeves seen in my file holder. When I print photos, I can slide them into a 4x6" pocket on the sleeve. Then I can add whatever product into the sleeve. When I'm ready to scrap, I can grab one of the sleeves and get to work!

Here is one of the pages I recently finished. These pictures are from last summer, the first time my kids watched my dad race. Brett was very excited and yelled GO GO when the cars went by.

This layout features a picture of my husband holding the boys when they were pretty small. He was pretty nervous about holding more than one at a time when they were that little, so it was fun to get a picture of it.

The title on this page is something I designed in illustrator and cut out with my cricut. I then stamped an graphic image lightly on the words and lined them with stickles.

As you can tell from the first photo, I have many more sleeves awaiting!

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