Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Kits & Video

Ever so slowly, I am checking off things on my to do list. That means life is getting back to normal. Yay! Healthy kids, nights full of sleeping. I remember what that was like!

So I put together another quick youtube video showing you how easy it is to make these great post it note holders. What a fun gift! Check out the video RIGHT HERE!
I also got two more paper cone wreath kits put together. This one is Icicles:
And here is Snowballs:
They are made from Fancy Pants paper from the Blissful Blizzard collection. They have wintery names but they would fit in any year round decor as there isn't really anything particularly "Christmas" about them. You can click on the photos to go to the ebay auctions that I have them listed on or go to my WEBSITE HERE.

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