Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fun with Melts and Molds

So today I decided I wanted to do something with the Configuration Boxes that I've had laying around. I'm thinking a spring theme, butterflies, flowers and birds kinda thing.  Now we will travel down the rabbit hole...

I have a ton of various molds that I have picked up here and there and I knew there were some that would work perfectly. I also purchased a Mod Podge Mod Melter.  I was excited about this gadget because of the fine point end. Since you can also use glue sticks in this it would be perfect for when you need a tiny dab of hot glue. 

I had some Milk Glass White mod melt sticks so I started with those. Overall the result is very nice. I used 3 sticks to make a handful of little bits and bobs.
 It shows such nice detail and I love the creamy white!
 On to the bad... The thing never stops oozing!! I set it down to grab another mold and it just kept dripping,
 and dripping.
 Every time I sat it down. Making a nice pile of Mod Melt to throw away.
 I also had my Ranger Melting Pot out and used that to make some of the same items. I melted some clear powder with some platinum to make a beautiful rich color.
 So many fun little things to play with!

 While I was at it, I made 3 new molds with the Amazing Mold Putty. I LOVE this stuff! The yellow items on the top are the mold, below them are the items I used to make the mold and the bottom shows the items I made with the mold. Pouring utee into the molds. I did a video on the mold putty back in December. The post on that is HERE.
Now where was I? Oh yes, the configuration boxes, time to get back to those.

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