Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My 3 Favorite Things

Summer time! The months seem to be flying by! I don't know what happened to Spring, we sort of skipped it. The kiddo's are past 6 months old. They are learning so many things daily. I snapped this picture of the boys. They love to watch each other these days.

On to my 3 Favorite things! A couple years back I went to Universal Studios in Florida with my mom and brother. I saw these jumpers and never forgot about them. When I found out I was expecting triplets I knew I had to have them! The smallest size they had was 6 month. And here we are six months old and they fit perfect!

We had a doctors appointment yesterday. I can't believe how they've grown. They boys are in the 50% for their age and Brileigh is 25%. Not bad for over 2 months early! The boys are actually the exact same weight!

Rylan is 16lb 13oz and 27.25" Tall

Brett is also 16lb 13oz but 26.25" Tall

My little petite daughter is 14lb 10oz and 25.75" Tall

We are starting the teething process so there are grumpy times to deal with. But for now, it's lunch time!


rockriverstitches said...

Oh my gosh I've never seen anything like these cute outfits!!! Your babies are the most adorable precious little things.


Sandy said...

I can't get over how much they have grown. They are just darn cute :)

Audrey said...

How cute are they in those suits!!! They may just be my favorite 3 things!!!!
You are taking such great care of them and this last doctors apt shows it. They are growing like little weeds. Keep up the good work momma.