Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Storms Storms Storms

Okay, so I can't ever remember a year in my past where there have been so many storms. It seems that it is storming and raining more often than not lately. Every night the thunder and lighting roll in and then the rain. The up side, I haven't had to water the lawn, or my flowers. The down side? When am I supposed to mow my jungle??

Okay on a completely different note, I'm watching Wipeout while I type this, so it make take me a while and at times it may not make sense. I'm laughing too hard to type!

I've decided I'm fighting a loosing battle if I am going to try to figure out what my babies want. I mean if Brett wants to lay in his bouncy seat like this to play with his toys, who is his mom to stop him?

On to Brett again, I guess I haven't looked at the back of many peoples heads. But how many people have 2 swirls? Thank goodness it was Brett and not Brileigh that ended up with this unique hairstyle. He was also blessed with a cow lick in the front. His hair is going to be interesting in the future.

I circled the swirls in case you couldn't find them.

And finally, as per my last post, I went to Walnut, Iowa this last weekend. Other than the huge storm we drove through to get there, and the hour we had to wait in the car once we got there for the rain to stop, we had a blast!

I even managed to snag a few things!

I love old salt glazed crocks. I don't have one this size and shape, and at $10 how could I pass it up? Now for a quiz, the little "dumbbell" next to the crock. Can anyone tell me what it is? At first glance I was thinking a child's sock darner, but that's probably not right. Is it a herb crusher? At $4 it's a great addition to my treenware.

I got this awesome trunk for $90! Toy box anyone? Check out the original hinges!

Below the little side tray is a drawer. Have you ever seen one of these? I still haven't figured out where it is going to go, but it wont be long and the babies will have grown out of their swing and bouncers. That will free up a wall.

Well go figure it is starting to thunder. I better go let the dog in. He is so scared of storms. The babies sleep through them, but the dog comes in the bedroom and wakes me up. Go figure...


Audrey said...

Great finds! I am glad you had a good time.
I am happy the babies sleep through the storms. I am sure it is easier to comfort one scared dog instead of 3 crying babies.

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Totally awesome trunk. But your little darlings are the star of the show. How sweet they are and Brett sliding down in his chair is hysterical. Kids are so funny and such a blessing and you have 3 blessings. Love the thing 1,2, and 3 outfits. God bless. Cathy