Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Little Huskers

We've finally grown in to our Husker shirts! Aren't we cute? Getting bigger by the day!

We have a new experience coming up this week. I'm going on a mini day and a half vacation! My first night away from the kiddos since they've come home! I don't know where you all are from, but every year, Father's Day weekend is the Walnut Iowa flea market. It is so worth the trip! I've gone the past I don't know how many years and always have a blast! With all of the baby things in the house I don't have room for much else, but I'm sure I'll find a couple special things I'll make room for! There will be 5 of us going this year. The more the merrier! I'll post photos of what I bought next week! Til then, ~Heather


Audrey said...

They sure are growing fast!!! They look so happy in this picture. What great personalities they have.
The trip sounds like a great time. Good for you. How wonderful "Dad" can handle it. You are probably thinking why couldn't he but my sweet man couldn't. I went away for the weekend last January for the first time. My three kids were 18, 15 and 7 at the time. They survived but oh what a mess when I got home. It was a women's Bible retreat so I was in the right frame of mind, Praise God.

I hope you find a few Great treasures. I will be looking forward to seeing pictures.

Pam in Ne said...

I had to look at your blog when I seen little Huskers, I am from Ne too, Deshler, about 10 miles from the Kansas line. I don't know if you look at Kindra's blog, but she is my daughter. Well any way me and my husband are headed to Walnut on Friday and I can't wait. We have been going there probably the last 5 years and last year we got rained out, just got to see half of it, so hoping for no rain this year. This is my favorite flea market to go to, so I am excited about our weekend trip. Hope you find some bargains.

Sandy said...

They are just too darn cute :)

Have fun on your little mini vacation. Can't wait to see what you will bring back...


Heather said...

Audrey, Dad is not handling it! LOL! He has a hard time alone with them when I play volleyball for an hour. They are going to stay with some family. I know what you mean about the clean up though, I'll go through that just leaving him alone for 2 days!

Pam, I know exactly where Deshler is, having gone to school in McCool Junction! We got rained out at Walnut last year as well, and I was pregnant at the time so I was constantly running to the school restroom! Sounds like it will be dry and hot this year!

Brenda said...

Love those Husker shirts and they look so adorable in them! I'm in Nebraska also and noticed that you graduated from McCool Junction. My sister is a teacher there and they also live there.