Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Art Pieces

Lately I've been having some fun working on some mixed media pieces. I have a few works for sale at The Country Nest, but I also wanted to get some done to list online. I scavenged the garage looking for left over piece of wood to paint on. I have quite a stack now awaiting me. I took pictures of my latest piece as I worked on it. I probably should've had my video camera on but oh well. Next time.

I started out by preparing my piece covering the whole front with vintage book paper. After a layer of Mod Podge, I added 3 different paint colors lightly so as not to cover the book paper entirely.
Next I did a wash of white paint to mute the color down, keeping it heavier on the outsides of the piece.
A little bit of stamping to create a little texture...
Next I cut out my tree from various pieces of scrap paper. The papers do not work well together, but that is about to be fixed.
I paint over the tree with green paint, covering up the colors in the paper but still showing the various patterns on each piece.
Next comes shading. I still find it amazing how much this step can change a piece. The swipe of a marker and smudge of a finger. The base of the piece is done. Ready for final embellishing.
Using modeling paste and a stencil I apply several different snowflakes. Last I pick the perfect quote and glue it down with a final coating of Mod Podge to seal the entire piece.
This one-of-a-kind piece is available in my etsy store.
While I had my supplies out, I put together this piece on a canvas.
This one is for sale on my ebay page.

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